All content below are examples of audio work for a variety of projects. Each example contains a sample of audio and a description detailing techniques and elements found within each sample.


 Composer/Sound Designer/Audio Engineer 

This pirate-themed track was written for the remix competition site Indaba Music. Within this portion of the composition, Adam recorded sounds of coins and sequenced them to act as a percussive instrument eluding to buried treasure. This creation combined with modern electronic-dubstep segments landed him as a finalist within the remix competition.

This piece was produced using live musicians as well as virtual instruments to create this pop single for a musical artist. Adam produced this composition and was the main audio engineer responsible for both tracking and mixing all components of this song. This segment is the main chorus of the song.

Elements of sound design were implemented into music to create this aggressive media for a game development project. The main sound of this sample is comprised of modern heavy rock characteristics, while using synthesizers and samplers processed through analog and digital saturation, enhancers, compression, and FM synthesis techniques. This work was also supported by an arrangement of choirs, strings, and brass instrumentation providing a large, thematic mood. This section shows the main build and climax of the piece, leading back into the main riff of the composition.

“Executive Action” was created for an independent game developer. The setting of the game takes place in a alternate reality where people collect creatures to face off with one another in an environment resembling the 1920's-era . To illustrate this setting, jazz instruments and composition techniques provide a fresh, modern day sound through means of digital drum sequencers and filtering methods.

This sample is using two different sound sources, an additive synthesizer and original audio recordings of hitting aluminum cans. These two sound sources were manipulated through an assortment of compressors and pitch editing software to fuse all elements into a clear accurate depiction of sophisticated, evolving machinery.

This sample is an ambient-futuristic soundscape. This is using virtual instruments from the KORG Legacy Collection. This 80's synth sound has then been processed through modern day technology giving a full tone, wide-stereo spectrum.