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Composer/Sound Designer/Audio Engineer


All content below are examples of audio work for a variety of projects. Each example contains a sample of audio and a description detailing techniques and elements found within each sample.

Music Production

This is a cover of the song "Crazy" by Gnarls Barkley, performed by Chicago artist, Claudius Caesar. You will hear many influences throughout this track from both R&B as well as Hip-Hop, giving this track a new life with fresh reharmonization and sophistacated rhythms, as well as a vocoder providing melody throughout.

This track is from the artist, Prism from her single "Void". This is combining synths and vocal "freezing" to create pads and manipulate her voice to create an almost etherial type soundscape throughout this Pop tune.

"Struck Gold" was produced using live musicians as well as virtual instruments to create this pop single for a musical artist. Adam produced this composition and was the main audio engineer responsible for both tracking and mixing all components of this song. This segment is the main chorus of the song.

Chicago jazz and funk band, FuzZz was recorded live at Uptown Recording in a single room, live session. Their song "Swagger" is the last track of a 9 song album and was tracked, produced, and mixed by Adam Bruns.

Original Compositions

Using vintage gear and analogue synths, this song is written in the style of 80's movie soundscapes and synthwave influence throughout. Using both Lo-fi and high end production tools creates this aggressive and ominous song.

This track is filled with sound design elements with an intergalactic space ambience in the beginning followed by a powerful synth driving melody. A combination of both digital and analog synth were used, along with acoustic samples and lo-fi processing for character. (Main tune starts at 1:38 on this example)

This is an original track utilizing orchestration, then resampling the song and chopping it up to a new beat. This is a twist on an old hip-hop practice of sampling with modern recording techniques for clarity.

Exploring speech synthesis and smooth jazz gives an interesting feel throughout this piece. This is a showcase of audio bridging both the acoustic instruments and digital sampling worlds and how they can work together to create a seamless composition.

SFX + Background Music

This is a screen capture from an independent, on-line game called Daemon Club. All sounds and music were designed for this game, by Adam Bruns. This demo reel is presenting a sample of in-game audio for music and sound design.

This is the main theme for Daemon Club.

Background music used within game play for Daemon Club.

This is the main theme for another independent game currently in development. This is a horror game about a little boy who is trapped in his own nightmares and is trying to escape. I used a variety of children's toys and instruments along with a children's choir singing the main theme. To fill in the track, I combined these elements with menacing orchestral instruments for support.

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